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1.Napolean died in 1821 in the island of St.Helina.
2.Recently created states Chattish ghar,Utteranchal,Jarkhand.
3.Sultan of Turkey was the ruler of Balkan states.
4.Bismark was the prime minister of Prussia.
5.leader of Moderates Gopala Krishna Gokhale.
6.Ajantha caves belonged to Guptas.
7.Victor Emmanuel-III was the king of Italy.
8.Religious leader of Buddism Dalailama.
9.Indias foreign policy is Not Alignment policy.
10.Partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon in 1905.
11.Mathura school of art was developed during the period of Kanishka.
12.1830 revolution occurred during the period of Charles-X
13.Congo was discovered by Cameroon.
14.Reforms party founded by Theirs
15.1848 revolution in France occurred during the period of Louis Phillip.
16.Zolloverein was a Customs Union in Prussia.
17.Franco-Prussian war was ended with the treaty of Frank-Furt.
18.Red shirts the revolutionary army founded by Garibaldi.
19.First international was held at Landon by Karlmarx in 1864
20. Lenin viewed”Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism”.
21.Rhodesia was named after Cesil Rhode.
22.Metternich belonged to Austria.
23.charless Albert Sardinia.
24.Kossuth Hungary
25.”War is to a Nation what maternity is to women” was the principle of Fascists.
26.Robert mugabe was the first president of Zimbabwe.
27.Architect of Non Alignment Movement Jawaharlal Nehru.
28.Palestine problem was between Arabs and Jews.
29.Dume is Russian National Assembly.
30.Reichstag is Lower House of German’s Palriament.
31.long March in china by Mao Tse Tung.
32.South west Africa now called as Namibia.
33.Bolshivi party was founded by Lenin.
34.The first Five years plans in the world started in Russia by Stalin
35.Pan Asianism by Japan.
36.Open door policy America.
37.sukarno Indonesia.
38.Menshivik party was founded by Kerensky.
39.Marshal Tito Yugoslavia.
40.Chou-En-Lai China.
41.Simon Boliver Independence of northern part of South America.
42.Dwait D. Eishenhover America.
43.Ho-Chi-Minh Vietnam.
44.Ian Smith The leader of White Government in Zimbabwe
45.Excavation work of Indus valley civilization in 1922 by John Marshal.
46.Immediat cause of 1857 revolt Greesed catridges or Enfeild Rifle
47.Dyarchy was introduced by the Indian Govt Act of 1935.
48.Chairman of Drafting committee Dr.B.R. Ambedkar.
49. Sri Potti sriramulu sacrified his life for separate Andhra.
50. Nizam State or Hyderabad was annexed into Indian Union through police action