1.The age to get the right to vote is 18 years.
2.First SAARC summit launched in Bangladesh (decca) 1985.
3.Quit India Movement started in 1942.
4.National literacy Mission was set up in 1988.
5.Present secretary General of United Nations Organization is Ban-Ki-Moon of south korea.
6.Koumintang party founded by Sun-Yet-Sen.
7.Indo-China war was fought in 1962.
8.Bandung conference was held in 1955.
9.Suez canal crisis in the year 1956.
10.Dowry prohibition act in 1961.
11.The term democracy is derived from Greek language.
12.The great Astronomer of ancient India are Aryabhatta and Varahamihara.
13.Brussels Treaty concluded in 1948.
14.No.of judges of international court of Justice are 15.
15.Members of SAARC are India,Pakistan,Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh,Srilanka,Maldieves.
16.Ramakrishna Mission was founded by Vivekananda.
17.First Emperor of United Germany was William-I
18.Congo became independent in 1960.
19.Frederick William Germany.
20.Battle of Nations fought at Leipzig in1813.
21.Panchsheel in 1954 between China and India.
22.National Literacy rate of India (2001) 65.38%
23.Right that safeguards Fundamental Right The right to Constitutional remedies.
24.Battle of Buxar was fought in 1764
25.Well planned Road safety measures to avoid fatal accidents.
26.Main source of Imperialism was Idustrual revolution.
27.First Elections for local bodies in 1884.
28.Indonesia joined the U.N.O in 1950.
29.1909 Indian council Act is also Minto Marley Reforms.
30.Triple Alliance countries were Austria, Hungary, Germany.
31.Atlantic charter America joined I world war in the side of allies.
32.1983 Commonwealth summit held at Delhi.
33.12th General Elections held in 1998.
34. The countries which have veto power are U.S.A,England,France,Russia,China.
35.Napolean was born in Corsica in 1769 Aug 15.
36.Indepenence of Brazil Don Pedro.
37.Nationalization of Suez canal by Nasser.
38.Battle of plassey 1757.
39.The riders of power vehicles have to posses Driving Licence
40.Founder of Mughal Empire Babar.
41.First president of Indian National Congress Womesh Chandra Benerjee.
42.Present president of Russia Dimtri Medvedev.
43.Delinking of State from religious matters is Secularism.
44.Father Hidalgo and Morilies Mixico.
45.The last Czar of Russia Nicholas-II.
46.The writ that provides a remedy for wrongful detention Hebeas corpus.
47.Literacy rate of Andhra pradesh 61.11%.
48.Members of Rajyasabha elected through Indierect Elections.
49.Sepoy mutiny first started at Meerat.
50.Fascist party founded by Mussolini.